Why we’re different.

You’ve got choices when it comes to choosing an IT service provider. We’d like to share what makes us different:

  • We are family-run, and that means we communicate about our clients, sometimes even over dinner. We don’t leave our work at the office; we take it home with us. We take it very personally. Together, we find solutions. In the same way we won’t let each other down, we won’t let our clients down.
  • Immediacy of response. When technology needs arise, time is of the essence. We know it’s urgent. We’ll be there as soon as we can, and we’ll work around the clock to fix the problem.
  • Money won’t be wasted. We are careful, and never wasteful, with our clients’ money. We don’t believe in forcing unnecessary upgrades or in only recommending the latest and biggest. We look for the best solution for clients, not for the bottom line. We do not mark up equipment or software.
  • We are accessible, friendly, and local. We’re a small company, but our capabilities are powerful. By staying small, we are able to provide our clients the most flexibility and best solutions. As a licensed, secured, and bonded small business, we pride ourselves in being local.
  • We give the best for every client, in every situation. We offer flexibility and compassion – and we always ensure your satisfaction.
  • We support non-profits. We proudly work with non-profit organizations within our community. To help support their efforts, we are pleased to provide a special discount for our non-profit clients.

Ready to see the MTP difference? Let us show you. Get in touch today.