Personal computing
Home Office
Small Business

The best technology is the kind that works for you.

What good is the newest, top-of-the-line technology if it doesn’t perform for you? At MTP, our services are guided by your needs. We can provide personal computing, home office, or small business clients with:

  • Server, laptop, and desktop computer repairs and installation
  • Network design, installation, support and administration
  • Technology consulting, support and management
  • Hardware and software upgrades for servers, laptops, and desktop computers
  • Spyware and virus cleaning
  • Data recovery for servers, laptops and desktops
  • Network installation, support and administration
  • Wireless networking
  • Fast, on-site service
  • New server, desktop, printer and laptop sales
  • Refurbished desktop and laptop sales
  • Computer and equipment rentals: desktops & laptops
  • Custom-built computers
  • Desktop and laptop parts & accessories

Non-profit organizations:

To help support your efforts, we are pleased to provide a special discount for you. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Frustrated with unruly technology?

We’ll have things running smoothly in no time.

We know technology can be tricky. Things are going smoothly, and then suddenly, you’re experiencing limited or non-usability. It’s frustrating! Don’t worry. Even if you’re at breaking point, there’s a solution. No matter your situation, setup or your needs, we’ll be right there for you. As a personal computing client, you can expect:

  • To be up and running again, quickly
  • Affordable rates and friendly, efficient service
  • A technician who understands the programs you use
  • Expertise to interface your mobile devices with your main computer
  • Explanations that make sense

First-time clients:

If you’ve been burned by unreliable tech support, we’d love to show you the difference MTP can make. We assure you: you’ll be operating at 100% in no time. Just give us a call.

Running a business from home?

We know your connectivity is critical.

We know that a business is a business, no matter its size or location. Our home business clients have the same needs as larger business, but often need even greater flexibility. Many of our home businesses work virtually with clients and offices worldwide, and smooth operation is crucial. As a home office client, you can expect:

  • Speedy response time
  • Upgrades and solutions that fit your needs, and those of your customers
  • Prevention to ensure optimal, ongoing performance

If you need an IT partner you can count on, we’d love to meet you. Get in touch today.

Need quick response and flexible solutions?

Offices with up to 50 users are our specialty.

As a small business, your technology needs to support your growth, not hinder it. It should be designed for your needs and also the needs of your employees. To achieve this, we look not only at your business’ goals, but at your technology users' skills and capabilities. Our small business clients can expect:

  • Quick response times
  • Top-level networking and server maintenance
  • A partner who can keep track of all of the documentation and information necessary to run a network
  • Familiarity with all users, their roles, and their impact on system resources
  • Creativity and flexibility when finding solutions to unique problems within budgets
  • To be a step ahead, with a focus on preventive work and upgrading ahead of schedule

We are confident that we can assist you with your technology needs and bring a new view to your systems and networks. Invite us in to look at your systems and discuss our approach.