Our Mission

What drives our business?

Fixing your issues today, and helping you avoid them in the future, is our job. Giving you a positive technology experience along the way is our business.

Innovation. Education. Integration.

Our tagline represents the principles that guide the way we do business.

  • Innovation is about finding solutions for our clients, and being up to date on the newest technology and protocols to best serve their needs.
  • Education means taking the time to explain. Many of our clients come to us feeling frustrated and confused. It’s our hope that when we’re done, they’re no longer feeling either of those things. We don’t just fix computers; we want our clients to feel like they know what went on, and understand how to avoid problems in the future.
  • Integration is about matching our clients to the technology (programs, hardware, accessories) that are best suited to their needs. Technology needs to fit in with your life and be a tool that you use, not an adversary you face every time you need to get work done.

Our Mission

Mennenga Technology Partners provides a practical, pleasant, and profitable technology experience to companies and individuals. We will assist our clients in acquiring, installing and maintaining technology that meets professional and/or personal needs, while controlling cost and user impact to the best of our ability.


See how innovation, education and integration can answer your IT needs. Get in touch today.